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Friday, May 7, 2010

Pequot Trail Revisited

Since I travel to visit my father in Rhode Island every two weeks or so, I frequently drive on a section of the old Pequot Trail that goes through Stonongton Connecticut.  In a recent post I put up some pictures taken at a small cemetery just off the road.  About 300 yards down from that cemetery there was another one.  I stopped this time and investigated this new little cemetery.
I had to get the flowers in, I am a sucker for flowers!  As you can see in the above picture This is old, small and not extremely well kept.  The stone wall is in great need of repair and many of the stones were tilted and some were turned over totally and lying flat one the ground.

I am guessing that this cemetery is a family cemetery. One of the houses nearby was probably the family "homestead." Many of the stones have the family name Noyes. One of the stones was for a Captain Noyes and another one was for the wife of a Captain Noyes. In many cases I would assume that this was Military, but Stonington was part of the great shipping and Whaling industry of the 18th and 19th Century New England. I am guessing that the Captain's Noyes were Sea Captains, though I do not know for sure.
You can click on the pictures to get a larger version of them. You can then see that one stone is for a Capt Noyes and another is for the wife of a Capt Noyes. Though it is hard to see Mrs Noyes was born May 1, 1776 a very significant year for our nation.
I shot these photos late in the afternoon.  It was a bright and warm day and there was a great deal of sun in the west.  You may notice that there are shadows on some of the stones.  I did very little editing of these because there was such great texture already.  The trees cast some distinct shadows over the stones and some areas were in full light still.
There was a very interesting circle of dandy Lion Puffs in an area of the cemetery.  They gave the whole scene a mystical and pastoral quality.  Who could guess that just yards away cars were rushing by on the asphalt highway?

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  1. Hello, I know this is an old blog post, but I live on Pequot Trail and have often been intrigued by the unmarked cemeteries. Is this one on Pequot Trail or Old Pequot Trail? Both are mentioned in the blog post so just wanted to check. We live in the old Adam States House on Pequot Trail and there is a cemetery nearby-- I'm wondering if this is the one; I believe at one time our house hosted the Noyes, so was interested to find your post! Thank you for your time, -Kelli Rocherolle