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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Family Cemetery

It seems that I am the queen of finding small out of the way cemeteries.  I found this one while driving to visit my father who lives in Westerly Rhode Island.  This is just off the Pequot Trail in Stonington, Connecticut.  It is extremely small and seems to be a family cemetery.  Most of the stones with recognizable inscriptions are from a family name Rhodes.  I know nothing else about them.  I do find it curious that the name is similar to the Rhodes in Rhode Island. 
One interesting thing is that the whole cemetery was surrounded by a 4 foot high stone wall.  There was a very rusted metal gate.  I didn't try to go inside because I was afraid of damaging the rusty gate.  I am a bit too old to climb the wall.    The cemetery was located just off the road and there was another one about 300 yards down the road.  Parking was difficult.  Just outside the cemetery I found these flowers (I am a sucker for flowers!)
Some of the stones were well preserved and all that I could make out were from the mid 1800's.  One was for an 88 year old woman who had been born in 1767.
Here are some more stones from the Rhodes Family.

Here are some different angles and some different stones.  Some of these stones I could not see well enough  to decipher well.

I didn't have time to go and photograph the other small cemetery down the road, but I visit my father frequently so I will look to do that in the near future.  I expect that one of these days I will have to start planning visits to cemeteries, but for now I seem to just stumble on them.  I have recently been by many more that I haven't yet photographed.  This was intriguing because it was so small.

It would be nice if I had other contributors or even some suggestions.  Commenting  is open and you can email me at oldsoulscemetery@gmail.com.  Have a lovely day!

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