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Friday, May 28, 2010

Church-Yard Cemeteries

There is a tradition that was carried here from Europe of using some of the most hallowed ground, Church Yards for burials.  In New England there are many very old churches and some of them have cemeteries on the church property.  There are many that own cemeteries but most of those are located away from the church proper.  What is pictured here is from Cheshire Connecticut.  In New England and Connecticut in particular the best candidates for churches with attached cemeteries are Congregational and Episcopal Churchs.  This is St. Peter's Episcopal Church in Cheshire Connecticut.  The Cemetery wasn't very visible from the front of the church so I am showing you this view.
There were many old and interesting stones in this Cemetery and some of them follow.

This stone is especially ornate and beautiful, unfortunately there was no way to photograph it without the cars.
I came upon a stone that was a first for me.  There was even a sign pointing to this stone because it is so special.  This stone marks the grave of a Civil War Veteran who survived the war and later became the Headmaster and Principle of Cheshire Academy, a private school in the community.  He was a recipient of the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Civil War. This is my first Medal of Honor marker.

Eri Davidson Woodbury and his wife and another relation are buried beneath this large stone. If you follow this link you will learn about this brave (at the time) young Sargent.  He was later promoted to Lieutenant and given a Brevet Commission of Captain.

Many of the cemeteries I have seen have little or no care.  Some get very basic care, mostly lawn mowing.  This church cemetery is very well kept as the picture below shows.
One of the previous markers, a large one, remembers another Civil War veteran.  this young man was not as fortunate as our Medal of Honor winner.  He died at the age of 17.  I am guessing that he died in the war, near the end.  There were many vicious Cavalry battles in the war and this young man was a Cavalry soldier.
This is Memorial day weekend.  It is a time to reflect on the sacrifices made by so many for the freedoms we enjoy today.  It is also a time to appreciate those freedoms and to encourage those around us, friends, family, neighbors and politicians to protect the hard won freedom we enjoy.  I don't want to go on a soap box here but seeing so many military graves recently makes me very aware that these men and women should not have died for no reason.  They believed they were protecting something very special and valuable.

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