Cemeteries are unique places in our lives. Some are beautiful, some are historic, and some are even entertaining. There is a quiet sadness about all cemeteries because they are the final resting places of our loved ones. We intend to post pictures here of cemeteries and head stones that are original photographs. We are looking for beauty, dignity, funny and above all something interesting. Feel free to comment and to contribute. We will provide a mail box if you want to contribute.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Grove

Just driving on every-day journey's I run into cemeteries. These are from Grove Hill Cemetery in Vernon, Connecticut. Believe it or not I was coming home from a visit to my therapist (isn't modern life wonderful?) I needed to visit a bank branch so I detoured a bit. There was this wonderful cemetery (Grove Hill Cemetery.) Several things struck me. It has a beautiful Chapel. Chapels are sometimes very nice and sometimes missing. This was old, stone and wonderful. Notice there is even a bell at the top. There were also a great deal of German names on the stones and there was a sundial. I will post some of these later.

One interest of mind is the American Civil War. I am a history buff (I even minored in it as an undergraduate.) I look for Civil War Markers. They often are very simple or you might call them plain. The stone below was from a civil war veteran. The little brass flag holder obscures the date, but it was 1902. This is a marker for a Civil War Veteran who survived the war! He was a Connecticut Volunteer. I wonder what action he saw? What was his story? I will never know.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

New and Old

I have been stopping in any cemetery I happen upon. I was in Arizona and passed a rather modern one, but it was inconvenient to stop. Consequently I have no pictures of it for you. I do have some of an older Cemetery, one where I actually have performed burial services (I am an Episcopal Priest among other things.) This is a Cemetery that dates back to the Mid 1700's in it's use. It is located in Southington, CT. This Plaque is located on a large stone which is engraved with the contained words. More pictures from this interesting cemetery will be posted soon.

As for Arizona, though I don't have cemetery pictures here is one of some American Indian ruins that are far older. They predate European settlement and are a part of a National Monument called Casa Grande. Yes, burials were found here though there were apparently more cremations than burials. More next time.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who Do You Think You Are?

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