Cemeteries are unique places in our lives. Some are beautiful, some are historic, and some are even entertaining. There is a quiet sadness about all cemeteries because they are the final resting places of our loved ones. We intend to post pictures here of cemeteries and head stones that are original photographs. We are looking for beauty, dignity, funny and above all something interesting. Feel free to comment and to contribute. We will provide a mail box if you want to contribute.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Brief Shot

These were taken by the side of a very old cemetery in Meriden CT.  The cemetery is practically in the middle of town and right next to a Lutheran Church.  I did not have time to get any more detailed shots and these are not very great.  The first one I took becase there was a contrast between the monument and the stump of a dead treethat was in the midst of the stones.

The second I took because it highlights a theme that has been developing in my mind.  Many of the larger and some of the smaller stones were certainly inspired by ancient Egyptian monuments.  Many appear to be obelisks of some sort.  I plan to do more on this.  this next picture is of a cluster of obelisk-like stones.  I apologize for the fence and the wires, it was in downtown Meriden.

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