Cemeteries are unique places in our lives. Some are beautiful, some are historic, and some are even entertaining. There is a quiet sadness about all cemeteries because they are the final resting places of our loved ones. We intend to post pictures here of cemeteries and head stones that are original photographs. We are looking for beauty, dignity, funny and above all something interesting. Feel free to comment and to contribute. We will provide a mail box if you want to contribute.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Personal and Challanging - Arlington

I have not been doing a lot of photography recently.  Life has been a bit challenging.  In January my 100 year old father died and I had to clean out his apartment. I have had to deal with the aftermath stress form his illness and death.  More recently, we have had some unusual weather in Hurricane Sandy followed with an early in the season Snow Storm, the second October storm like it in two years.  I am hoping to get back to work and have seen some new interesting looking Cemeteries recently.  I have a few Pictures I shot at my Father's interment at Arlington National Cemetery.  My father was in the Military for 26 years and retired as a Master Sergeant in the Air Force.  He started in the Missouri National Guard, and a year later enlisted in the regular army as an infantryman.  In 1939 he was stationed at the Presidio, in San Francisco and decided to join the Army Air Corps.  He served in the Pacific through WWII and in Japan during the Korean War.  He retired from the Air Force in 1959 and worked another 20 years for the Navy Exchange in Groton, CT.

On to the pictures:

I didn't comment, because the sequence is kind of self explanatory.  I was presented with the flag.  My Son went down there with me and I was joined by my Cousins and some of their families.  It was very moving.

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