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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Egyptian, symbols and Patriotic

Occasionally I encounter a Cemetery that has so much of interest that I think I won't have enough room for the interesting pictures.  This was one of the places.  I was driving with a friend along the Naugituck river in Connecticut and I noticed this Cemetery and just had to stop.  I used my older purse camera.

Many of our monuments take their inspiration from  Ancient Egypt.  The stone below is obvious. The design is a kind of Spynx.

I have featured obelisks before, but this one is very tall and beautiful.
The Egyptian symbolism is found almost everywhere.  There is also other kinds of symbols.  The stone below has a Masonic theme.
And another Masonic stone with a Husband and Wife, the husband in the Masons and the wife in the Eastern Star.  Though I was never in the Eastern Star, both my mother and aunt were and my grandfather was a Mason.

The next stone was just unusual.  I like the unusual stones and this one is really a stone.
We now go for the rather unusual or I might better say the out of ordinary.  This stone has colored engraving.
And this one is engraved with what I  believe is Japanese, but I am not positive.
I just like the shape of this one.
And this one.
I think that this is a family cluster of stones around a Cross.

And finally, This row of stones is rather special.  They represent men who died in foreign lands and who's bodies were interred in those foreign lands.  It is a reminder of the dedication of the young people who go off to protect our country.

Some of them never return!

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