Cemeteries are unique places in our lives. Some are beautiful, some are historic, and some are even entertaining. There is a quiet sadness about all cemeteries because they are the final resting places of our loved ones. We intend to post pictures here of cemeteries and head stones that are original photographs. We are looking for beauty, dignity, funny and above all something interesting. Feel free to comment and to contribute. We will provide a mail box if you want to contribute.

Monday, August 9, 2010

View from Interstate 84

I drive on Interstate 84 almost daily.  I drive by two cemeteries that are at least partially visible from this heavily trafficked highway.  I have long wanted to stop and take some photo in them.  I finally got a chance and was able to photograph both of them in the same day.  One of the Cemeteries is called the Quinnipiac Cemetery and is located in Southington, CT.  It dates from the 1770's and I will do a whole post on what I found there.
This is a small sample showing some of the obelisk stones and the older rather plane stones from the 1700's and 1800's. There will be more from this cemetery.  There is something special hidden back within this sacred place.

The second Cemetery is a roman Catholic cemetery just off I84 in Waterbury, CT, named St. Joseph's Cemetery. I see the above stone from the highway almost daily.  The rest of the pictures will be from St. Joseph's Cemetery which had some very attractive monuments.
The cemetery is on a hill and these monuments were very tall and on this rather steep hill.  Below is a closer look at two of these markers.

This very tall and narrow marker below is made of red granite and is very striking next to white stone next to it.
This stone is more conventional in size and shape but is carved quite nicely.

Not only can this cemetery be seen from the highway, but you see the highway from within the cemetery.  Additionally, the cemetery overlooks a large shopping center.

Resting in peace I guess can be done even in the rush of our modern pace of living.

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