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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Modern Monuments

Most of the stones and monuments I have featured to date have been older.  Many of them are from the 19th Century or before.  I have obviously taken far more photo shots than I am able to show here.  I have taken many shots of contemporary stones. Many of the more modern stones are what I would term conventional, but some are quite different.  Some of them are quite strikingly different.  One of the things I discovered in preparing the pictures for this site is that many of the stones have incomplete inscriptions.  This I believe is because one partner in a couple still survives, but their name was put on the stone when their loved one died.  I have attempted to scrub some of the identifying information from some of the pictures to be sensitive to the feelings of possible survivors.
This stone has a picture attached to the stone.  I am not sure of the process, but it is quite a good picture.  I  took this because of the picture on the stone and because of the extra items by the grave.  The picture is in color and is etched into the stone in some way. Extra items are quite common in more recent grave sites.  I believe that extra items were always present, but tended to deteriorate fairly soon.
The images on this stone appear to be etched there rather than carved.  I am not sure of the process, but I plan to visit a stone carver some time soon to find out more.  Once again there are extra items, including photoelectric lights.
Once again, I believe that this may be some sort of etching process.  I love lighthouses, though and this is quite striking.
This is a religious motif which I believe is carved.  The polished red granite is quite beautiful.

These are both quite distinctive and I believe reflect the interests of the people when they were alive.  Many of the modern stones do seem to reflect the persons active life or love.

I managed to capture parts of three different stones in this picture.  I see the double or single heart frequently.  Polished granite is quite popular and durable and the red or black granite make a variation from the gray.   Very large stones and obelisks are not as popular in modern monuments.  This could be a matter of cost, but may be just a factor of fashion.

I am working on a post on damaged stones and monuments.  I have done a little research since I noticed that my mother's stone has some lichen growing on it.  Lichen I know can do long-term damage so I have been looking at possible remedies.  In the process I have noticed other kinds of damage to other stones wherever I go.  Look for that post soon.

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